Recent landmark math publications

Here are a couple of links to recent landmark publications in math which I decided to compile in one place on a whim. Old repost.

  1. Martin Hairer’s “A theory of regularity structures”: “Tolkienesque”, “epic masterpiece in stochastic analysis” that “created a whole new world” (180 pp.)
  2. Maryam Mirzakhani’s “rational billiards” paper (172 pp.)
  3. Subhash Khot’s “Unique Games Conjecture”
  4. Manjul Bhargava’s “quadratic compositions”
  5. Ian Agol’s “Virtual Haken conjecture” (answers last 4 of 23 problems in Thurston geometrization): “We prove that cubulated hyperbolic groups are virtually special”
  6. Grigori Grisha Perelman’s proof of geometrization
  7. Shinichi Mochizuki’s “Inter-universal Teichmuller theory” (over 500 pp.)

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